Countertop Overhang Style

The desired countertop overhang determines functionality of your kitchen. Additional space of countertop is valuable so that to enhance you comfort too. More finished look can be achieved by having the overhang on countertops that indeed very interesting. It is all depending on your requirements in how to determine the overhang of countertops. Typically, it […]

Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertops

Bring in the exotic Italian style into your place with Carrara marble finish! Carrara marble countertop is highly sought especially for its white blue. Metamorphosed limestone is the other name of this marble. Heavier grey veins both in dark and light are popular that it is all yours to decide in the choice. Pleasing to […]

Epoxy Countertops Design

Appealing and functional epoxy countertop makes the material lovable. Numerous advantages are offered for long lasting countertops. Not only commercially but now residentially, epoxy has been rising to become one most popular choice for countertops in kitchen. Transparent looks add interest to your kitchen and bathroom countertops with epoxy resin. Epoxy resin countertops that great […]

Green Terrazzo Countertops

It is certainly a green way in how to maximize available sources into the material use. Going green with terrazzo countertops can be very interesting idea. Many great things about terrazzo such as heat resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant, beautiful and low cost. Cooling down by itself countertops made of terrazzo material has been a […]

Unique Countertops Design

Do you want to construct unique countertops for kitchen and bathroom? Best ideas for unique counter tops can be DIY for real customized surfaces. Materials can be glass, concrete, lumistone and other materials. Make work tops in your kitchen and bathroom not only pleasing to the eyes but also to the heart with creativity. Kitchen […]

Best Countertop Support Brackets

Everyone wants to have beautiful and durable countertops. Determining beauty and durability is essential to include countertop supports. Materials are metal and wood as two of most common and popularly used. Floating countertop looking supports are updated version. No matter what material of your counter tops, choosing best supports or brackets is quite an element. […]

Laminate Countertops Raleigh

For kitchens and bathrooms, countertop laminate offers many great things. Laminate sheets for counter top makeover ideas are developing until today. Tile countertop laminate is my favorite that you can choose to makeover a kitchen very significantly. You can be sure about amazing quality of colors and textures that durable and long lasting based on […]

Porcelain Countertops Design

Choose to apply porcelain countertops for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Porcelain is ideal material to create mixtures of colors and textures. Glazed, polished and unglazed are varieties of porcelain available in contemporary trends. The choice is yours to make since each one of them has its very own values. Porcelain is made of sand, clay […]

Modular Granite Countertops

Granite is one of best and favored material for countertops. Modular granite countertops have less expensive price that available in slabs and tiles. Yep, modular granite is not too high in price to spend. Strength is still featured by the granite for a hard and durable counter top. Easier to install makes home owners love […]

Best Linoleum Countertop Ideas

Unique colors and textures are possessed by linoleum. Today, linoleum countertops feature more than just great look but also versatility. Maintenance is needed to do regularly. Using linoleum on counter tops for kitchen is popular. Vintage style is featured but you can also find the modern versions of the material. Depth of color and pattern […]